Sacred Heart Bulletin April 8th, 2018

Question of the Week

Gospel Reading:             John 20:19—31

Jesus came to spend time with his remaining disciples—except for Thomas, who was elsewhere—the evening of his resurrection. Then a week later he comes again, and this time Thomas is among them. Thomas is a scientific type: he needs evidence, not anecdote, in order to accept a theory as true. We twenty-first century first-world people would consider Thomas’ buy gabapentin us precautions sound. We have been taught that we need to use the scientific method in order not to put our trust in someone’s hare-brained speculation. Jesus however, teaches us that we need to trust him, that his words are absolutely fail-safe. Ultimately Thomas gets it, and he gets it with gusto!

Question:  In what do I put all the weight of my trust?

Bulletin 4/8/18