*Make your unleavened bread
*Watch The Triumphal Entry Video (3 minute video for kids)
*Print the Mass Worship Aid (will be a longer Mass)
*Watch/participate in Palm Sunday Mass 9am Live Stream Mass
*Make a table/altar setting special by using a RED table cloth, add a Bible, candle, rosary, crucifix
*Have everyone wear RED 
*Walk up to Church (after Mass) as a family and get a Palm branch for each family member (be sure to use sanitizer and wipe the branches with bleach wipes)
*Have washable window paint or sidewalk chalk?…make Stained Glass Art for Holy Week 
Text or Email Pictures : ) 
Prayer Intentions

Prayer Chain Instructions

Stations of the Cross

1) Print and Color Stations of Cross booklets:
Stations of the Cross Coloring Book
(Take it a step further) Montessori Station idea- stations-of-cross-montessori-activity

2) Watch “stations of Cross” video
Video of Stations of Cross and meditations –
Stations of the Cross for Kids Video

3-Take walking trip (with your booklet) to visit, and pray the Stations of Cross at Sacred Heart Prayer Garden (or in the Church).

Bread Making

Bread Recipe

Bread Recipe2

Bread Recipe3

Spiritual Communion

Spiritual Communion