Our High School Youth Ministry begins with LIFE youth group and grows into natural involvement in our parish community. After all, LIFE stands for Living In Faith Every day! The whole point of youth group is to understand faith is a daily way of life that happens everywhere with every person we encounter and in everything that we do. Teens go to youth group with people from their same grade. Why? Simply put, freshmen know what freshmen are going through! The life experiences of a sophomore aren’t necessarily the same as the changes and challenges of a junior or senior. Sacred Heart knows that high school is a spectrum of personalities and life stories. Freshmen meet every first and third Sunday morning. Sophomores meet every second and fourth Sunday morning. Yes, we meet in the morning! It has been our biggest and most well-received change. Teens are just more awake, alert, and willing to take a leap in their faith in the morning! Most of all, we finish by noon which leaves plenty of time for the rest of the weekend’s activities. Juniors and seniors meet every first Sunday of the month during lunch. We know these are stress-filled years of high school so lunchtime allows us to fit in actual and spiritual nourishment! In addition to youth group, high schoolers learn how to walk the talk—if we learn about Jesus serving those in need, we imitate Christ by going out and serving those in need! We DO what we plan, dream, and discuss about during youth group. Of course, we also have fun because ministry works best among friends and moments that bond us are just as essential as moments that teach us.