Sacred Heart Bulletin March 25, 2018

Question of the Week

Gospel Reading               Mark 14:1—15:47

On Palm Sunday, we celebrate Jesus’ triumphal entry into Jerusalem for the Passover celebration. Waving palm branches is what people would do when a conquering military general would ride into town on his warhorse. “Hosanna!” means “Save us!”, so they are calling out to him to save them from their enemies, who most people would have taken to be the Romans. They do not understand that the enemy is inside us.

Later the people become suspicious that the Pharisees may be right: Jesus is not going to save them from the Romans. Indeed, he seems too weak to even save himself from a trial and condemnation on trumped-up charges. 

Jesus celebrated the Passover seder meal with his disciples. Passover actually lasts seven days, but the first two and the last two days are particularly celebratory. This would have been the first night; that was the one for which the lamb was sacrificed.

We know that Jesus—our Passover lamb—had the kind of weakness that is utter submission to God. He was strong in love for his Father and for us; he was strong in integrity; he was strong in faith; he was strong in self-giving; he was strong in Life.  Thank God.  He was willing to go through what was much too hard for us, in order to save us from the enemy inside.

Question: Where am I weak? Where in my life do I need the strength that can only come from Jesus? What in my life needs to be submitted to God?


Bulletin 3/25/18