Sacred Heart Bulletin for April 29th, 2018

Question of the Week

Gospel Reading:             John 15:1—8

Last week Jesus referred to himself as the good Shepherd; this week he calls himself the True Vine. In his image as a grapevine, he is the one who is rooted in the Father, and we who call ourselves Christians are the branches that come out of him. He receives grace and truth from God; we receive grace and truth from him. A branch that is broken off from the vine eventually dies; if we are broken off from him, though we may not die physically, we lose the life that is truly Alive, we lose the ability to bear fruit, to feed others spiritual food. It is in Christ that we have our full humanity; in Christ we receive answers to our prayers.

Jesus explains many things about branch-life. The Father prunes us so that we bear more fruit. Pruning means cutting out the deadwood, even cutting off good parts sometimes, so that the buds may face the right direction, so that they are healthy, so that they are, in his judgment, just right for fruit-bearing. Bearing fruit, that is, living life that is spiritually productive, not only gives us meaning and nurtures others, it gives God glory.

Question: How do I attach myself to Christ?

Bulletin 4/29/18