Sacred Heart Bulletin for August 26th, 2018

Question of the Week

Gospel Reading: John 6:60—69

Jesus knew that his words would be misunderstood, that they would stir up controversy. But he said them anyway, without explanation. Jesus continually challenges his followers. He seems to say: Will you believe me, even when what I say horrifies you? Will you follow me, even when you don’t understand, when my words contradict what you have been taught? Do you recognize God in me, even when he is in a form that is unfamiliar? Are you willing to go beyond your comfort, your expectations, even your needs? He wants us to thirst for God so much that we are willing to accept the paradoxes and just set ourselves in front of him clamoring to simply be with him. He wants that because that is the way God thirsts for us. Question: How much do I thirst for God? Am I willing to follow Jesus without understanding, without knowing the next step?

Bulletin 8/26/18