Sacred Heart Bulletin May 13th, 2018

Question of the Week

Gospel Reading:             Mark 16:15—20

If we imagine ourselves going up into heaven, we might see it as a brilliant light calling us as we leave everything behind, thinking only of the wonderful time that awaits us away from the pain of this world. Jesus thought no such thing. He was—and is—concerned with the people left behind, making sure his disciples were ready to go out and do the works he had for them to do.  His last words to them were about what he expected them to do. And the last words of Mark’s gospel are about what the disciples did. When Jesus gives us a gift he gives it to us to use for the welfare and salvation of others. We are to use our time, our goods, our talents to minister to others. All people are our concern.

Question: What will I do now with the grace given me from the Resurrection?


Bulletin 5/13/18