The Finance Council wishes to thank our Pastor, Fr. Michael Murphy, the Sacred Heart Staff and you the Parishioners who support the committee’s efforts to make our parish financially strong and viable. Through your financial generosity, as well as the generosity of the many volunteers who have given of their time and talents, we have been able to remain free of debt.

We ask that you continue your generous annual gifting which permits our Parish to offer many programs not available in other parishes. Your generosity also allows us to share with those in need in our local community, the larger Catholic Church and our brothers and sisters across the world.

Your generosity in supporting our Capital Campaign-Continuing to Build our Family of Faith, Rooted in God’s Love is a sign of your deep commitment to the Church and we are truly grateful. Please refer to the back of this report for an update of our progress toward our goal. You can also refer to the bulletin or visit our website for more information. Any questions regarding the Annual Parish Report can be submitted in writing to Fr. Michael Murphy and mailed or delivered to the Parish Secretary.


2016-2017 Annual Report