Sacred Heart Church Stained Glass Window donated by Benefactor


CASH:  A monetary gift is one of the most popular ways to make a gift to Sacred Heart Church.  Your one-time gift is tax deductible for the year in which it was received, and can be given by check, cash or credit card.

STOCK, BONDS, MUTUAL FUNDS AND OTHER LIQUID ASSETS:  Securities are excellent ways to give, particularly if they have appreciated in value. For tax purposes, the value of the securities being donated is based upon the average of the high and the low price of the securities on the date the securities are transferred to the Diocese in accordance with IRS guidelines. Stock donations are handled through the Diocese of San Diego. Click on the attached link for forms and instructions: Stock Donations.

REAL ESTATE, LIFE INSURANCE, ANNUITIES AND CHARITABLE REMAINDER TRUSTS: All qualify as charitable gifts that would benefit the Sacred Heart community.

For further information or to make your donation today, contact the Business Office at (619) 435-3167 x305 or

Please remember to include Sacred Heart Church in your estate plans.