Continuing to Build our Family of Faith, Rooted in God’s Love

Sacred Heart’s first Capital Campaign in 75 years was announced in Sept 2016. Whether you left Sacred Heart that morning having already pledged/given toward our new buildings and facilities or that morning you pledged/gave or you simply left with an “I am Sacred Heart” bracelet because it was sitting on a table, or left with curiosity to pray about it; WE started something.

Like all families, when big things happen that open the doors to the future, we bond ourselves together to figure out how it’s going to happen—not, if it’s going to happen. What can we do to make it happen? How can we do this together? Prayer. Sacrifice. Time. Abilities. Wisdom. Relationships.

We have the amazing opportunity to GIVE BACK to our previous generations whose gifts have provided us with our current buildings and facilities that serve our many ministries. AND to GIVE FORWARD to the generations to come – to continue to lay the foundation upon which our children and grandchildren and great grandchildren of Sacred Heart Church will build upon. WE get to do this. WE get to do this together. We WILL build the future of Sacred Heart Church.

Goal: $10,000,000.00
Pledged: $4,494,917.35


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Monthly Gift Plans

5 Year Pledges

Monthly Installments Daily Sacrifice 5-Year Total Pledge
$167 $6 $10,000
$133 $5 $8,000
$100 $4 $6,000
$83 $3 $5,000
$60 $2 $3,600
$33 $1 $2,000

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Future Plans

Bird’s Eye View Parish Hall Courtyard

Work in Progress

The old first grade classroom/St. Margaret Mary childcare room coming down.

Campaign Prayer

Heavenly Father, we give you glory, praise an honor. Thank you for the abundant blessings given to us. Inspire us to choose that, which will benefit our parish and support our spiritual growth and our efforts in following your plan during this historic building project.

Bless our parish leaders with the strength of your Holy Spirit. Guide and encourage us in faith and trust during this time of sacrificial and generous giving. We pray that we respond to this effort with a generous heart and a desire to complete the good work begun in us in building up Your Kingdom as we “Store up ourselves treasures in heaven.”

Bless all who humbly and generously share in your vision of our faith community. We ask this in the holy name of Jesus, Amen.