Our ANNUAL WHITE MASS is a special celebration
honoring people with special needs and those who care for them.

Special Needs is a diverse group that embraces people of all ages with varying abilities.   Here there are ‘no worries’ – each individual and family can come and join in the celebration, and be completely themselves.  There may be more noise, some additional movement, comforting stuffed animals or headphones and ipads – it’s all good!  It’s all ok.

Yes, it’s all ok – we want you to stay!  Maybe you have felt uncomfortable or even unwelcome at mass, or simply came to the conclusion that mass was not a good fit for your family’s circumstances, or maybe you are concerned about disrupting others at prayer.  We urge you to set your concerns aside and come – celebrate mass with no barriers, as one body of Christ.   Join us around God’s table of plenty!

Why is it called a WHITE MASS?
We call it a white mass as a means of recalling your baptism and the core truth that we are all one, all called to live as adopted sons and daughters in the family of God.
And we invite you to WEAR WHITE feel free to add a bit of color too – a sign of our joy and unique gifts as beloved children of God.

Exceptional people of all ages participate in various ministries at the Mass, including greeters, readers, altar servers and gift bearers.  All of these can be done with a ‘buddy’ or family member as you like.  God’s loving power is at work in each of us.  Whatever our gifts, we can offer them in love and simply be there for one another.

And while this event celebrates the full active participation of all our members, it doesn’t stop here. If you would like to be more involved in a parish activity, receive the sacraments of Baptism, Confirmation and Eucharist (which are accessible to everyone) or serve at the mass on a regular basis, we are happy to welcome you!

God has a beautiful plan.  In this plan, everyone counts.  There is room for all of us.  Everyone belongs!

This liturgy is also an act of commitment and intent to pursue the gospel values of welcome and inclusion not just tonight but in all our days.

If you would like to serve at this mass in some capacity, please contact Maria Nagy 703-203-5668 marko.maria@sbcglobal.net or Dotti Hulburt 619-435-3167 dcm@sacredheartcor.org
Rosa Padilla (habla español) 858-344-3947

*Sacred Heart Exceptional Families Ministry serves to support the meaningful participation of individuals with disabilities and their families in the life of the church.