Ministry Center Food Pantry
We stock an emergency cupboard in the Ministry Center for people who come in asking for food.  We distribute canned goods [pop-top cans are very helpful] such as soups (chicken, beef, and vegetable), beans, vegetables, pastas (ravioli or spaghetti), tuna, vienna sausages, and fruit and cups of ramen noodles, ready to eat items like crackers (cheese, peanut butter, etc.) and small size items for those without refrigeration are very helpful, as well. These items may be included in your monetary donation the first weekend of the month, dropped off before or after Mass on the first weekend of the month or at the Ministry Center during office hours. Thank you for your donations!

Casa de los Pobres

This is a place in Tijuana, Mexico where the poorest of the poor go for help.
Here people can get a hot meal, groceries to take home, medical care, medicine, clothes, household supplies and a haircut.
The volunteers and nuns also take food to outlying areas around the Casa to people in need.
The nuns teach religion to the people and school supplies are provided to the students.
Many people utilize the Social Services the Casa has to offer.
During the cold and wet months the Casa supplies blankets and tarps until supplies run out.

The nuns and volunteers send our parish a report each month on how their resources are used. They are very grateful for all the assistance they receive from our parish.
Every canned good can make a difference. Each person’s donation is added to the total parish donation and we can help many people.

Nonperishable groceries may be brought to the church at all the Masses the first weekend of each month.  Especially helpful are dry beans, rice, cereal, tuna, peanut butter, canned soups, canned fruits and vegetables, canned meat, meals-in-a-can (such as ravioli or chili), ramen noodles, dry milk, pasta and sauce.

For more information, please call John & Maria Roberts (619) 437-8517