Word for Word Bible Study

Tuesday and Thursday mornings, 8:45AM – 10:00AM  in the Ministry Center (except for holidays), facilitated by Bob Sheridan.

    • Based on the Bill Creasy ‘Word for Word’ bible study
    • Go through the entire Bible in 5 years
    • Please know it is never to late to begin the study of God’s word.

For more information, contact Bob Sheridan at (619) 435-1938. 


In-Home Evening Bible Study

Wednesday evenings, 7:00PM – 8:30PM at the home of the Sheridans, facilitated by Vicky Sheridan.

  • In depth study
  • Shared Reflections

For more information, contact Vicki Sheridan at (619) 435-1938.

We have two bible study groups that meet each week.
The groups meet on ZOOM and in Room B after mass and are online by 8:50.
The Tuesday group is over by 10:00 and the Thursday class can run longer.
Both groups use Dr. Bill Creasy’s material from his Logos Bible Study Website. Bill Creasy has been teaching the Bible in Los Angeles, San Diego, in Arizona for many years and has earned a great reputation as an informed interpreter of scripture.
How do the two groups differ? Basically they cover the same material but the Tuesday group is about “half a Bible ahead” of the Thursday group. The Tuesday study will soon finish Ecclesiastes and Song of Songs and move back to the New Testament with Saint Paul’s Epistles and letters. We move book by book between the Hebrew Canon and the New Testament.
Our Thursdays group will soon finish the Prophet Jeremiah and Lamentations. At this point the group will move to the beginning of our Bible with the Book of Genesis and proceed back and forth, Hebrew Canon to New Testament to the completion of the Book of Revelation.
We welcome all folks who want to become more educated readers of scripture. We thank Dr. Creasy and his Logos Bible Study for his generous support of our groups.
If you want to join the ZOOM group on either day contact Bob Sheridan  for connection information at (619) 993-2388.