A View From the Pew

Sacred Heart is not only the heart and center of our town, but the heart and center of our family. It is a place where our family has connected, not only with our friends, but other parishioners who share our faith and supports our family. When our children were young, a mother’s Rosary group connected our family to Sacred Heart. This led us to a sense of belonging that we never experienced at a church. This connection helps us grow more in our faith so that we can better guide our own children in their lifelong faith journey. Today our kids enjoy altar serving, youth group, my husband and I are Eucharistic Ministers and Sacristan, and I enjoy working with the children of our community in the Children’s Ministry programs.

When we look to the future of what Sacred Heart’s community we see more families and parishioners enjoying fellowship at coffee and donuts and the Knights’ Spaghetti Dinners, more youth connecting with each other in their faith, more Parish school families comfortably enjoying their children’s performances and class activities, increased personal growth in community Bible studies, more community children and teens able to participate in Vacation Bible School, and so many other opportunities for all to feel that our parish is a place where they belong and can grow more fully in faith to be better disciples who can share the Good News. What do you imagine the future of our parish, our Church, will look like?

The Gould family – Jim, Cary, Grant, and Jack