Approval for a Coastal Permit

We received approval for a Coastal Permit from the City of Coronado Planning Commission and also a recommendation of approval for our Major Special Use Permit (MSUP) request.  The City Council will review that recommendation at a meeting in August and hopefully approve the MSUP.  The final MSUP approval will bring us up to date with the city’s zoning requirements.

The architect is proceeding with the schematic design (floor plans, site plans, preliminary utility hookups, accessibility routes, and major design features).  Sacred Heart has contracted with DATEL (our existing IT service provider) to provide internet and computer design for the new buildings.  They will be working with both the architect and the builder.

Domus Studios (the architect) has contracted with Food Service Design Group, a well-known commercial kitchen designer in San Diego, for our new kitchen design and we have a preliminary kitchen and pantry layout.