Building Update

                The grading is complete and next on the schedule is installing the underground utilities. The independent soils geotechnical engineering firm we hired has approved all the work that O’Neil has done so we haven’t had to redo any of the grading. Also the interior demolition of the Ministry Center’s bearing walls and subsequent installation of temporary shoring to hold the second floor is complete. Now we can start installing the utilities that have to be buried in the existing slab as well as constructing the new walls. SDG&E coordination continues to move slowly as they are reevaluating their fees and will hopefully lower them somewhat. While the excavation was still ongoing, we also found a 1 foot by 1 foot by 4 foot high rectangular stone pillar with the engraving of “Our Lady of Fatima Pray for Us”. We’re working with the architect to see how we can incorporate that memorial into the overall landscaping design of the site.

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