Geotechnical Report

The geotechnical report was received and there were no surprises.  There may be some shoring up of existing buildings needed as the dirt under the new buildings will have to be compacted to meet modern building codes.  Hazardous material sampling was done on the buildings which will be torn down or renovated.  We fully expect to find some given the age of the buildings (before many common building materials were determined to be dangerous).  As a reminder, these materials can remain part of existing buildings as long as they’re not disturbed.  However, with all our construction, they will be disturbed, and we will have to make sure it’s done properly and the material is disposed of properly.  WE O’Neil was selected as the General Contractor for pre-construction services.  A contract was signed May 10.  They are a local contractor and have done many projects for the Diocese of San Diego.