How to Keep Christ in Your Christmas 2022

Suggestions from a catechist, mother, and grandmother

The Christmas Season begins December 25 as we celebrate the Nativity
of the Lord and concludes in January with the Baptism of the Lord

1. Start by celebrating the 4 weeks of Advent as a family.
2. Hang up your Advent Calendar if you have one.
3. Put up your Creche,/Nativity scene as Advent begins
4. Celebrate the the Immaculate Conception of the Virgin Mary,
5. Purchase only Religious Stamps for your mailings.
6. Send religious Christmas cards -they witness to our Catholic faith
7. Listen to traditional Christmas carols that honor Jesus’ birth.
8. Read daily scriptures and reflections for Advent or attend Mass+
9. Try to delay putting up your Christmas tree and let this holy season slowly arrive throughout your home.
10..Place the Baby Jesus in the manger on Christmas eve.
10. Read Christmas stories to your children.
11. Put up your outdoor lights to shine for the Christmas season.
12. Purchase a gift and wrap it to give to the poor.
13.Use only decorations with “Merry Christmas “instead of Happy Holidays “ and remember:
It’s OK to say “ MERRY CHRISTMAS! ”