June 2017 – Status Update of Parish Building Project

Our Project is currently well underway in the planning process with the City of Coronado.

  • Sacred Heart is located in a residential block here in Coronado, and as such, must deal with the residential nature of our property’s underlying zoning.
  • We have had several meetings with the planning staff to determine the most advantageous way for us to maximize the floor area we can construct for our new buildings.
  • The City staff suggested that we could gain some relief from the (many) restrictions we face by having our entire property on C Avenue designated as an historic area. Since our Church (designed by the famous San Diego Architect Irving Gill) has never been given formal designation as an historic structure, we would gain more than we would lose by going thru this approval process. The Diocese has given their approval to pursue this.
  • We have submitted a package of documents to the City Historic Preservation Committee and anticipate having it reviewed and approved by the Committee at their June 7th meeting.
  • After gaining their approval, we will have to go back to them again to get approval to demolish the Existing Parish Hall and Chapel (these actions can’t be done at the same meeting as the designation – it’s a rule). Then we can apply to the Planning Commission for approval of our overall project. We are already preparing documentation for that submittal.
  • After approval of the Planning Commission, we can finish our design, bring a construction contractor on board, get building permits, and start construction!

As simple as this process sounds, there commonly is a lot of back and forth on specific issues, so it does tend to take months. Hopefully, given our good relations with the City staff, we can get this done in quick order and be ready to begin building by next year.

Lou Smith, Building Committee Chairperson