Parish Photo Directory Appointments


Please sign up online for your free photo session which includes a free Lifetouch photo and a free directory.

All photo sessions take place here at Sacred Heart Parish. There will be appointments in September.

 This directory will be much more valuable to all of us if you are included in it. Please take the time now to go online and schedule an appointment, even if you are not sure of your schedule this far in advance. You can always change or cancel if necessary. 

If you would like help scheduling your appointment, call 619-405-5679. 


Sign-up online for an appointment

The “login” button in the upper right hand corner will enable you to set up an account. 
Enter all the information required to book your preferred time and date. You have the option of changing your appointment after you make it and you will be reminded of your appointment with the contact information you provide. This photography session is free, and you will receive a free photo directory when the directory is completed. You will be offered an option during your photography session to purchase additional photography products.