Sacred Heart Bulletin April 8th, 2018

Question of the Week

Gospel Reading:             John 20:19—31

Jesus came to spend time with his remaining disciples—except for Thomas, who was elsewhere—the evening of his resurrection. Then a week later he comes again, and this time Thomas is among them. Thomas is a scientific type: he needs evidence, not anecdote, in order to accept a theory as true. We twenty-first century first-world people would consider Thomas’ precautions sound. We have been taught that we need to use the scientific method in order not to put our trust in someone’s hare-brained speculation. Jesus however, teaches us that we need to trust him, that his words are absolutely fail-safe. Ultimately Thomas gets it, and he gets it with gusto!

Question:  In what do I put all the weight of my trust?

Bulletin 4/8/18