Sacred Heart Bulletin for April 15, 2018

Question of the Week

Gospel Reading:             Luke 24:35—48

Jesus appears to his disciples after two others have come and reported to them about having encountered him on the road to Emmaus. Jesus is a person, but not a regular person. They realize now how different he is from what they thought he was. He has regular flesh, but he can’t be held back by closed doors; he has life of a sort that is just more Alive than other life in this fallen world. We know that he is the seed that has died and then grown into an abundant wheat stalk, so they are seeing him in his incorruptible body.

He explains to them how the Scriptures have been pointing all along to him. And he tells them that repentance for forgiveness of sins through his name will be preached to all people.

Question: How do I participate in life in the risen Christ?  How do I participate in the preaching of repentance in Jesus’ name?


4/15/18 Bulletin