Sacred Heart Bulletin for July 1, 2018

Question of the Week

Gospel Reading:             Mark 5:21—43

The daughter of Jairus was twelve years old; the woman with a hemorrhage had been ill for twelve years. Twelve is a symbolic number referring to the twelve tribes of Israel, so each of these stories refers also to the people of Israel: on the point of death in one case, and suffering from chronic impurity in the other. Jesus heals both these women by touching them (or by them touching him). He heals us with his touch, and since we are the body of Christ, we can heal by touching one another. Let us touch others with our compassion so that they—and we—may be healed and go out into the world to spread the gospel by our lives.

Question: Who do I know who is in need of my compassion and the healing of Jesus?

Bulletin 7/1/18