Sacred Heart Bulletin for July 15th, 2018

Question of the Week

Gospel Reading:             Mark 6:7—13

When Jesus called men as disciples, he did not tell them to sit alone and pray, as good and necessary as that might be. He called them to go out and preach, even though they might not have felt ready to do so. They had not yet received the infilling of the Holy Spirit, and their lives had not completely changed. But Jesus charged them to go out and preach repentance.

They were to go two by two, both to support one another, and to show those to whom they were sent how followers of Jesus cared for one another. They were not to take supplies for their journey: they needed to trust God that their listeners would tend to their bodily needs. Jesus gave them power over demons and over diseases, to show that God is Lord over anything that can harm us, and to give their message the weight of proof. These elements of preaching have not become obsolete; those who preach God’s word even now should be cared for by the people to whom they minister; they must live by the standards of the Gospel; they will have God’s power when they need it.

Question: How well do I tend to the needs of the people who teach the Gospel? When I am in the position of explaining the word of God, how well do I teach what the Gospel really says? How well do I trust God to back up his word?

Bulletin 7/15/18