Sacred Heart Bulletin for July 8th, 2018

Question of the Week

Gospel Reading:             Mark 6:1—6

When we hear what Jesus’ neighbors and townsfolk said about him, we might expect them to say in conclusion, “Wow, he has really done well! Our educational system is better than I thought. Our hometown boy has really made good. Let’s go hear him speak, and see what he can do.”  But they somehow came to the opposite conclusion: they were offended that he seemed better than they thought he was. Their offense tied up the power of God so that Jesus was not able to work mighty deeds among them.

When we say, “Nothing can be done about this situation,” or make cynical comments about a person or circumstance, we tie God’s hands in the very circumstance where we need his help.

Further, when we look down on someone, or think the person beyond redemption, our attitude actively limits our ability to pray effectively for the person.

Let us look at each situation, each person in our lives, with simple trust that the situation is completely in God’s hands, and the person was made and is loved by God.

Question: What situation or person in my life—or in the world—do I see as beyond help? How can I revise my view of them?

Bulletin 7/8/18