Sacred Heart Bulletin for June 10th, 2018

Question of the Week

Gospel Reading:             Mark 3:20—35

The crowds loved Jesus because he set them free from disease and injury, from evil spirits, from the distinctions of education and class. But there were others who were determined to see Jesus as unreliable. One group included the religious leaders who refused his authority, and in order to make him seem wrong, claimed that his healing power came from the devil.

Jesus turned to them with the strongest possible language, telling them that they were painting themselves into a very bad corner by mistaking the Holy Spirit for the evil spirit: the Spirit of Truth for the Prince of Liars. 
Now the “unforgiveable sin” is not a mysterious technicality; it is a practical problem. The person who assumes that He Who Is Holy is evil, does not recognize Goodness. We tend to find what we are aiming at; when we are on the lookout for Bad, we find it, but sometimes we find it where it is not, as these misguided people did. Jesus does not mind if people do not recognize him in his human form; they can be corrected. But to truly view the Holy Spirit as the devil is a mistake so deeply skewed as to make it impossible for the person to know God, and Jesus says that the way to have eternal life is to know God.

Question: What standards do I use to recognize God and his work in the world?


Bulletin 6/10/18