Sacred Heart Bulletin for June 17th, 2018

Question of the Week

Gospel Reading:             Mark 4:26—34

How does the Kingdom of God grow inside us? We have no idea. When it is fed with good reading, good works, prayer, and self-sacrifice, it gets bigger inside our hearts, and our hearts expand toward God and toward each other. We don’t understand how plants grow in the garden either.  Somehow the power inside each tiny seed responds to the soil, water, and sun, and the plant goes from pure potential encased in a small hard shell to a living, growing organism that eventually reaches its full height and depth.

But when the Kingdom of God has grown inside us, then we are able to support other people with its strength, and we can be useful to the small unsure creatures who need assistance.

Question: Where have I seen the kingdom of God growing in other people?  —in myself?

Bulletin 6/17/18