Sacred Heart Bulletin for June 24th, 2018

Question of the Week

Gospel Reading:             Luke 1:57—66, 80

Elizabeth and Zechariah were both quite elderly for first-time parents. So already their son’s birth was unusual. But also for the entirety of Elizabeth’s pregnancy Zechariah had been unable to speak: the result of some supernatural visitation. Now when the baby was born, the mother insisted on a non-customary name for the child, and when the father agreed with his wife, he received his voice back.  The neighbors were awestruck; this was no ordinary Jewish baby boy. The hand of God was upon him from his conception. If indeed the hand of God was upon one child, it is upon all children from their conception; each one has a distinct character and task to do shared by no one else.

Question: How can I recognize the hand of God that has been upon my life since conception? How can I help other people to do the same?

Bulletin 6/24/18