Sacred Heart Bulletin for November 11, 2018

Question of the Week

Gospel Reading:             Mark 12:28—34

It is very pleasant to receive recognition from others when we do something good. It is very pleasant to be someone other people look up to. In this passage though,  Jesus tells us that those pleasant things are utterly worthless, worse than worthless even. They get in the way of our love for God and others. When we look good in the world’s eyes but treat others with unconcern, we incur God’s anger.

The only thing worthwhile is to love God with all our heart.  One who loves God in this way is willing to give everything he or she has to God, even sometimes leaving nothing to live on, but trusting God for their needs, as the birds do. God WILL care for us when we have given all to him.

Question: What needs do I have that I think Jesus may not be able—or willing—to take care of for me?

Bulletin 11/11/18