Sacred Heart Bulletin March 18, 2018

Question of the Week

Gospel Reading               John 12:20—33

Jesus awaits his glorification, which also means his suffering and death. He awaits his exaltation: his being lifted up on the cross, as well as being lifted up in glory.  For the rest of the world, for whom an event is usually either good or bad, either suffering or delight, these things may seem like nonsensical paradoxes. But for the Christian, there is no glory without suffering, no resurrection without the cross. However we may hope to avoid pain, what is true for Jesus is true for us too. But we are assured that the brilliance, the bliss of God’s glory makes the pain worthwhile.

Question: What pain would I like to avoid? What difference does it make to me that Jesus did it first and goes through it with me?

Bulletin 3/18/18