Sacred Heart Bulletin May 20th, 2018

Question of the Week
Gospel Reading: John 15:26—27; 16:12—15

After Jesus was resurrected, he sent the Holy Spirit to fill the people who trust in him. What a blessing and grace! The Holy Spirit—he who inhabits the Father and the Son—comes to connect us with the Father and the Son in the same way as they are connected with each other. Therefore we can live together with them in the Trinity. What do the Father and the Son do together? They love each other and they love us. That is what the Holy Spirit, the Helper, the Advocate, helps us do. He reminds us of what Jesus has said, of who he is, of what his mission is. All the things that belonged to Jesus on earth now belong to us. We have inherited his mission, his relationships, his world, his joy. The Holy Spirit gives us power to serve God with joy and fullness.

Question: Where do I see someone or something that needs the help of the Holy Spirit? How can I give Jesus to them?

Bulletin 5/20/18