Sacred Heart Church Bulletin for July 29, 2018

Question of the Week

Gospel Reading:                John 6:1—15

Jesus was not preaching in town, or even near town; he was out in the boondocks, and people who wanted to listen to him had to walk a great distance to get there. There were no convenience stores nearby. Nobody had set up a fried fish and lemonade stand to make a shekel or two off the crowds at this revival.

If they wanted to eat they had to go home. 
But Jesus knew they had been there a long time, and it was a long way home. So they would be hungry; these were not people who had a lot of extra. He also wanted them to know that those whose hunger is for the meat of God’s word will not have to hunger for bodily food.

But where would they get food? There was no manna to be found in this wilderness. There was however, a boy who had brought a little food. It was an absurdly small amount, but equally absurdly, the boy offered it. He didn’t have much, but he offered what he had.

Jesus accepted what he offered, put the crowd of people in order, and gave grateful thanks to his Father for the offering.

We all know what happened then. The food was miraculously not just enough, but abundantly, overwhelmingly plentiful for all the thousands of people who were there to listen to Jesus. When we are truly thankful for what we are given, God is free to multiply it far out of our expectations.

Question: What have I been given? How grateful am I to God for what I have been given?

Bulletin 7/29/18